Bible Lands Museum in Tel Aviv: History, Exhibits and Events

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Bible Lands MuseumThe Tel Aviv Bible Lands Museum gives visitors an opportunity to wander through biblical history. The museum features a unique collection that depicts the civilizations and cultures of ancient lands of the Bible. The Tel Aviv Bible Lands Museum contains an extensive collection of Ancient Near Eastern art that presents history of the biblical period. There are exhibits, events and collections to delight visitors of all ages. The museum offers daily guided tours as well as an Easy guide audio system that is free with admission to the museum.

History of the Tel Aviv Bible Lands Museum

Completely dedicated to the history of the biblical period of the ancient lands in the Bible,the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem is the only museum of its kind in the world. On May 11, 1992, the Bible Lands Museum opened its doors to the public and has since earned international acclaim for their educational and cultural programs. Civilizations are brought to life through the exhibits featured throughout the museum, including displays of artifacts of the Ancient Near East, which are part of the extensive private collection of Dr. Elie Borowski (1913-2003). The Bible Lands Museum was the inspiration of Dr. Elie Borowski.


Visitors from around the world are amazed at the interactive time capsule as they wander through the galleries and discover the interrelationships of the ancient cultures. The rare and breathtaking ancient treasures of the Bible Lands Museum are displayed in chronological order, which allows the visitors to stroll through history as they trace the dawn of civilization to the early Christian era. Upon entering the museum, visitors are greeted by display items from the sons of Noah that illustrate the unity of humankind through a biblical concept. There are 20 galleries in the museum, each of which represent a historical era and feature unique and rare artifacts from the time period.

Events To See

There are always fun and entertaining events scheduled at the museum. Lectures and courses are available each week for adults, educational programs are available for children and through the holidays, the museum host a variety of creative programs. Some of the upcoming events at the Bible Lands Museum include:

  • Natural Selection-a musical performance that explores the mystical connection of words to Hebrew letters.
  • Lovers’ Words by the Naama Womens Voice Ensemble, which is a wonderful ensemble of love songs through the ages.
  • Story telling is scheduled a couple of times through each month, including a special program for Hamshushalayim.

The museum is open daily as is the gift shop and Kosher Restaurant. Wednesday evenings the museum hosts lectures and Saturday night there are music, wine and cheese programs for visitors to attend. The events change routinely at the Bible Lands Museum, so it is recommended that you contact the museum for details of programs on the days you intend to visit.


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