History of the Carmel Market

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The history of Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market is a vivid one and is essential to the lifestyle of anyone living in Tel Aviv. Indeed, without visiting the Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market you aren’t getting the full experience of visiting Tel Aviv. Throughout the history of the area, this market has shone strong and proud, always providing its customers with the very best of everything is has to offer. None of the other markets in the area have this to brag about. Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market is truly unique in that it is also the oldest market in the area and being that this is the case, it knows how to serve the people who enter this market the best.

Specializations & VarietyTel Aviv'c Carmel Market

This particular market specializes in selling many different things, from popular clothing in the area to flowers that are freshly cut that day. The clothing is locally made and is produced from the best cloth that is available. This is the number one place to come and get the latest styles in the Tel Aviv area. Another thing that the Tel Aviv Carmel Market offers is footwear. There are many different styles of footwear that are popular in the area and this is the number one place to come and get them. they are made with the finest quality materials available.

But one of the true points of interest in this particular market is the produce and food that it sells. The Tel Aviv Carmel Market is the best place to truly sample the local cuisine as it offers the widest variety of choices and has the most skilled workers making the food. The food is produced from farms and orchards locally, ensuring that it is only the best and freshest food that a person could ever have. There are many different restaurants that are located in this market exclusively and they offer the very best of the local cuisine having served the area for many years. The Tel Aviv Carmel Market has the most and the best scene when it comes to restaurants. This is why the Tel Aviv Carmel market is the most popular market in the area, locals come to get the very best of the food, clothing, flowers, and footwear.

The Sovev Tel Aviv

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People In A Cycling RaceSovev Tel Aviv, which is translated “Around Tel Aviv,” is the biggest bicycling event in Israel. Held during the month of October, participants of every skill level enjoy taking part in this annual event. Three beautiful tracks are available: one along the streets of Tel Aviv, one along the Ayalon highway, and one along the beach. Cyclists have a choice between four different tracks, depending on their level of experience. Experienced cyclists that are 16 and older can follow a 42km route that circles the city twice. Families that have children over the age of 8 can do a 22km course. Children under the age of 12 require accompaniment by an adult. There is a 7.5k route available to all participants, regardless of age or skill level. A 25km course is available to skaters and rollerbladers.

Event Details

Sovev Tel Aviv is a three day event that will take place on Hol Ha’moed, Sukkot. This event was founded in 2009 in response to a growing trend in bicycling. At this time, Israel joined the European Cyclists Federation. The goal of this organization is to promote cycling as a healthy, efficient, and environmentally responsible way of recreation and transportation. They bear the responsibility of bringing awareness to and lobbying for the benefits of cycling. In addition to this, the European Cyclists Federation encourages the recognition of the needs of cyclists as it pertains to the city’s infrastructure. This organization researches issues that relate to the benefits of cycling, both for the cyclist and the environment, as well as the health and safety concerns associated with cycling.

Sovev Tel Aviv has attracted more participants and spectators with every year. The 2014 race is expected to draw approximately 30,000 participants and 100,000 spectators. A festival will precede the bicycle race event, and will take place during October 3-5 in Kikar Ha’Medina.