The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

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Tel Aviv Performing Arts CenterThe Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, which is located in Tel Aviv’s cultural complex, was designed by Israeli architect, Yaakov Rechter, whose father was also an architect. The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center was first opened to the public in 1994. It is located at Shaul Hamelech Blvd, between Weizmann St and Leonardo da Vinci St.

Construction Of The Arts Center

Constructing the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center within the cultural complex was likely perceived as an ingenious plan, as it opened many doors to performances that had not previously been performed on such a stage in Israel. It is a beautifully constructed modern complex. With its state-of-the art facilities, it is the ideal location for the Israeli Opera as well as the Israeli Ballet, both of which consider the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center their home.

Even the foyer itself is an architectural masterpiece, designed by architect-designer Ron Arad. The foyer features a small amphitheater where performances are enjoyed, along with temporary art exhibits. A café allows guests to enjoy the architectural beauty of the Foyer and the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center itself.

Productions & Presentations for Everyone

The New Israeli Opera presents six productions each season, according to the Tel Aviv Guide. Patrons can also attend a short lecture prior to the performance to learn about the evening performance. Backstage tours are also available, at which time patrons can enjoy even more aspects of the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center. Children’s performances are held periodically and children are given access to Israeli Opera through ongoing education programs.

The Israeli Ballet also performs throughout the year at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, featuring such prestigious performances as Madame Butterfly. Guest companies from around the world present a variety of dance and musical performances on occasion.

International festivals and unique exhibits held at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center helps to maintain the festive atmosphere and to keep it an attraction that residents and visitors from around the world enjoy. More than one million visitors enter into the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center on an annual basis to enjoy the performances, cultural events and architectural beauty of the TAPAC.


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