Tel Aviv artist spotlight Nelly Agassi

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Spotlighting Nelly AgassiArt is in the eye of the beholder. The beauty of Tel Aviv artist Nelly Agassi’s work is that there is something for everyone. Nelly has been termed a performance artist; a multi-disciplinary artist that works in multiple mediums. Her art transcends time and space. The Jerusalem Center for Visual Arts website describes one of her shows in which she knits a dress around her body. During the performance, Nelly transforms the dress into a large “voluminous object” that she later sheds, as if to invoke the image of shedding an empty skin. Her artwork is edgy, unique and subject to interpretation. She uses various mediums such as knitting, fabrics, photography and much more. Her work can be seen in Tel Aviv, Chicago, New York and London. If you are seeking a unique cultural experience in Tel Aviv, check out the work of Nelly Agassi

Background & Collaborations

Nelly was born in Israel in 1973. She received the Master’s of Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, and her Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in London. Additionally, she has taken courses in her native Israel. Nelly divides her time between Tel Aviv and Chicago.

Nelly works with artist Claudia Hill. Hill’s website states that she and Nelly collaborate via email, telepathy and in person. Both believe that the resulting artwork transcends their respective cultures and backgrounds to form something unique.


The Dvir Gallery credits Nelly with the following awards and prizes. Each is a testament to the artist’s unique flair.
2011 Ministry of Culture and Sport Prize
2008 Award for artistic encouragement, Israel ministry of Science, Culture and Sport
2003 Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation for Israeli Art Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2000-01 America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship

2000 Young Artist Prize

1999 America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship


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