History of the Carmel Market

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The history of Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market is a vivid one and is essential to the lifestyle of anyone living in Tel Aviv. Indeed, without visiting the Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market you aren’t getting the full experience of visiting Tel Aviv. Throughout the history of the area, this market has shone strong and proud, always providing its customers with the very best of everything is has to offer. None of the other markets in the area have this to brag about. Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market is truly unique in that it is also the oldest market in the area and being that this is the case, it knows how to serve the people who enter this market the best.

Specializations & VarietyTel Aviv'c Carmel Market

This particular market specializes in selling many different things, from popular clothing in the area to flowers that are freshly cut that day. The clothing is locally made and is produced from the best cloth that is available. This is the number one place to come and get the latest styles in the Tel Aviv area. Another thing that the Tel Aviv Carmel Market offers is footwear. There are many different styles of footwear that are popular in the area and this is the number one place to come and get them. they are made with the finest quality materials available.

But one of the true points of interest in this particular market is the produce and food that it sells. The Tel Aviv Carmel Market is the best place to truly sample the local cuisine as it offers the widest variety of choices and has the most skilled workers making the food. The food is produced from farms and orchards locally, ensuring that it is only the best and freshest food that a person could ever have. There are many different restaurants that are located in this market exclusively and they offer the very best of the local cuisine having served the area for many years. The Tel Aviv Carmel Market has the most and the best scene when it comes to restaurants. This is why the Tel Aviv Carmel market is the most popular market in the area, locals come to get the very best of the food, clothing, flowers, and footwear.

The Sovev Tel Aviv

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People In A Cycling RaceSovev Tel Aviv, which is translated “Around Tel Aviv,” is the biggest bicycling event in Israel. Held during the month of October, participants of every skill level enjoy taking part in this annual event. Three beautiful tracks are available: one along the streets of Tel Aviv, one along the Ayalon highway, and one along the beach. Cyclists have a choice between four different tracks, depending on their level of experience. Experienced cyclists that are 16 and older can follow a 42km route that circles the city twice. Families that have children over the age of 8 can do a 22km course. Children under the age of 12 require accompaniment by an adult. There is a 7.5k route available to all participants, regardless of age or skill level. A 25km course is available to skaters and rollerbladers.

Event Details

Sovev Tel Aviv is a three day event that will take place on Hol Ha’moed, Sukkot. This event was founded in 2009 in response to a growing trend in bicycling. At this time, Israel joined the European Cyclists Federation. The goal of this organization is to promote cycling as a healthy, efficient, and environmentally responsible way of recreation and transportation. They bear the responsibility of bringing awareness to and lobbying for the benefits of cycling. In addition to this, the European Cyclists Federation encourages the recognition of the needs of cyclists as it pertains to the city’s infrastructure. This organization researches issues that relate to the benefits of cycling, both for the cyclist and the environment, as well as the health and safety concerns associated with cycling.

Sovev Tel Aviv has attracted more participants and spectators with every year. The 2014 race is expected to draw approximately 30,000 participants and 100,000 spectators. A festival will precede the bicycle race event, and will take place during October 3-5 in Kikar Ha’Medina.

A Guide To Tel Aviv Nightlife

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If you’ve never been to Israel’s Tel Aviv, you might be taken aback by the city’s vibrancy and ultra-hip nightlife. Tel Aviv’s nightlife has been compared to that of New York; the city that never sleeps, with clubs catering to the sophisticated or to the young and hip – the city appeals to every demographic. There are a variety of clubs, pubs and lounges that will fit every style and need. If you’re visiting this cosmopolitan city soon, read on and obtain more information about the ins and outs of partying in Tel Aviv.

Fashionably Late

When you’re planning a night out, make sure to arrive past 11pm. The parties in Tel Aviv don’t usually warm up until midnight to 2am. Unless you want to hang out with the servers and bartenders, make sure to arrive fashionably late. Also, if you’re trying to cure jet lag, go out and have fun instead of trying desperately to sleep. Take advantage of the difference in timezone.

Outfit Fit For A Party

Tel Aviv is located right by the water, so if you’re wondering what to wear – less is more. But no need to worry, no one is going to be offended if you’re not wearing the trendiest pair of jeans or the most fashionable jewelry. If you’re worried about your outfit, scope out the places you’re going and check whether the crowd is more the fashionista types or the more laid-back, beach bum types.

Tip And Cash

Clubs in Tel Aviv, especially the more well-known ones, charge an entrance fee, so make sure to bring cash. Also, tipping at least 12% is a must in the city. Bartenders make minimum wage, so it is expected that you tip when ordering.

Dancing, eating and drinking – Tel Aviv has it all. Follow the above tips and take advantage of the city’s nightlife.

History of Tel Aviv University

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The Origins

Tel Aviv’s history began in the early 1900’s. After decades of planning, and developmental changes, Tel Aviv would soon be on its way to becoming the largest economic center in the country. Today Tel Aviv University is one of the biggest achievements and successes in the educational realms in Tel Aviv. The university is a public learning institution, located in Ramat Aviv, and enlists more than 30,000 students, from across the globe.

The university was born in 1956, and comprises of a school of law and economics, an institute of natural sciences, an institute of Jewish studies and three research institutions. These schools combined forms the world-renowned Tel Aviv University. The university was originally in operation by the authority of the municipality of Tel Aviv, but in 1963, it the school would get its autonomy.

Claims To Fame

TAU is perhaps the largest teaching and research center in Israel. The university currently operates 27 schools, 9 facilities, nearly 100 departments and more than 130 research centers and institutions. The campus sits on 170 acres of land, and it maintains academic control over its technological department in Holon, as well as the college of Engineering (Afeka).This department is the newest Academic College of the prominent university.

In 2012, Tel Aviv University would rank 4th in Israel and 56th in the world. This ranking puts the university in competition with the world’s best 90 universities. In 2013 the university received a ranking 196, which makes Tel Aviv the second largest and highest ranking university in Israel.

Visiting Old Jaffa in Tel Aviv

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Old Jaffa is an ancient port city located in the oldest part of the city of Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s famous among those of the Jewish and Christian faiths because it is mentioned in the Bible several times, most notably in association with the stories of Jonah, Solomon, and the Apostle Peter. It is also mentioned in several ancient Egyptian letters, including one from 1440 BCE that celebrates the town’s conquest by the army of Pharaoh Thutmose III.

The Long and Varied History of Old Jaffa

Originally referred to as simply Jaffa, legend has it that the town was named for Japheth, who was one of Noah’s sons, and who is said to be the founder of the place. The town went through periods of domination by the Canaanites and the Philistines during its early history. Later, Old Jaffa was conquered by the Biblical King David and later ruled by his son, Solomon.

It remained a Jewish city for many centuries, but eventually fell into the hands of the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, and the Phoenicians. Later, Alexander the Great stationed some of his troops in Old Jaffa. The town became Jewish again when the Maccabean rebels took the city and returned it to its Jewish roots. Eventually, the town fell to the Romans, who repressed the Jewish people living there and installed a garrison to keep the peace.

Places to See in Old Jaffa Today

With such a rich history, it is no surprise that there are a lot of wonderful things to see and do in Old Jaffa today. Jaffa Hill is a must-see destination on any trip to this ancient town. It is where many of the town’s amazing and enlightening archaeological treasures are housed. The most ancient finds are located here, including Egyptian artifacts that are thousands of years old.

While you’re in town, don’t miss the Andromeda Rock. This is the very rock where Greek mythology states that Andromeda was chained while awaiting the ravishment by the Cetus before she was rescued by Perseus. There are more modern treasures to be found here, as well. The Clock Square is one, having been built in 1906 to honor the current Sultan of the area. There is also a beautiful antique lighthouse in the port.

Old Jaffa is a town of a very ancient and documented history, and its inhabitants had contact with some of the most famous nations of the ancient world. It is a place that is not to be missed on any trip to Israel for its association with Jewish and Christian history alone. However, the town offers much more than that, and will keep you busy happily exploring its wonders for days on end. There is always something new to discover in Old Jaffa.

Summer travel in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv Boardwalk: Tel Aviv promenade runs along the Mediterranean shore. This promenade has been a hit since it opened in 2009. The Tel Aviv promenade is paved with concrete, with separate sections for bicyclists and walking pedestrians. Many of the areas maintain natural touches, as you’ll find many sections of the promenade with vegetation, while the Western side allows access to untouched beaches. These beaches tend to be particularly secluded, allowing for a relaxing atmosphere that you can enjoy by yourself or with a friend.

Ancient Cities: Neve Tzedek is one of Tel Aviv’s ancient neighborhoods. Neve Tzedek has been gaining momentum as an attraction spot for tourists and natives. Many of Neve Tsedek districts have been renovated, restoring the neighborhood to its former glory. The neighborhood was built in the late 1800s, with Neve Tzedek being one of the first exclusively Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa. Neve Tzedek has very unique structures, with many of its infrastructures being influenced by Asian architecture. Many of the streets are narrow and intimate, with many lined with family shops and boutiques. Step into Tel Aviv’s pasts by visiting Neve Tzedek.

Tel Aviv Natural Greenery: The green sanctuary of Hayarkon Park is located in the hustle and bustle of the city. The park attracts families,tourists and natives alike. You will find the park being visited by joggers, picnickers, and bicyclists. You will be able to rent out a bike or a boat for your enjoyment. There are many things to do in Hayarkon Park, with the park being recommended for anyone who is out in Tel Aviv on a summer excursion.

Places to Vacation Near Tel Aviv

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If you are looking to take a vacation with your family or friends, you are in luck. There are many beautiful places to visit in the world, but one of the most interesting and a unique place is near Tel Aviv, Israel. There is a lot of culture in this area, giving you the chance to learn about different ways of living and see unique landmarks that are completely different from anything in the U.S.

Places To Go

One of the best things to do near Tel Aviv is visit the Tel Baruch and Hatzok beaches. These beaches feature white sand, giving you an elegant place to stay while enjoying the fresh air. There are several hotels near this beach, allowing you to be close to it at all times on your vacation. Both of these beaches are well kept and they give you the chance to do outdoor activities with your friends and family.

Old Jaffa is one of the more interesting places to visit in Tel Aviv. This neighborhood is full of history and beautiful buildings. The markets and restaurants offer unique varieties of food. The flea market offers some great deals on unique foods that you will not be able to find anywhere in the US. Whether you are shopping for teas or unique coffee grains, markets in the Old Jaffa area have it all. They will give you a unique shopping experience.

If you enjoy art and culture, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a great attraction to go to. There are hotels located near this museum, making it easy to walk to. Opened in the early 1930’s, this museum features a lot of European art from artists, such as Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso and much more. These paintings will get your creative juices flowing, and you will actually be able to learn something about Israel and the rich history it has.

Add In A Park

There are a lot of parks in this area. One park in particular that is ideal to visit is the Hayarkon Park. This park features a lot of bicycle trails, giving you the chance to get a good adrenaline pumping before enjoying the beautiful scenes of nature. There is also a little flowing river at this park. Thanks to the green graces, you and your family will have ample space to play and do activities on. So if you are looking to vacation in a unique place, going to Tel Aviv is a viable option.

Top 5 Restaurants in Tel Aviv

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From tasty hummus, falafel and za’atar dishes to delicious salat ḥatzilim seasoned with tangy herbs and spices, restaurants in Tel Aviv offer a sumptuous variety of Jewish, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Turkish foods in elegant and friendly environments.

The Top 5

1. The Ali Karavan

With a reputation for serving the most delectable hummus in Jaffa, Tel Aviv restaurant Ali Karavan has been delighting diners for nearly 40 years and continues to be one of the city’s top restaurants. You may have to wait for a table on the weekends but when you do get a seat, make sure to order the masbacha instead of the plain hummus.

2. Manata Ray

Located near Alma Beach and boasting a charming veranda that overlooks the sea, the Manata Ray restaurant offers an excellent selection of seafood and tasty mezze, or appetizers. to start the meal. Choice of mezze include sardines, aubergine with cheese, salmon tartar and Balkan bread made from scratch.

3. The Basta

Skillfully blending French, Jewish, Italian and local cuisine with an uniquely Epicurean atmosphere, the Basta is situated in Tel Aviv’s town center and is a favorite of vegetarians and health food aficionados because of its use of raw, fresh ingredients. Diners are also treated to a nice wine bar and delicatessen-style food.

4. Cucina Tamar

Nestled in the old area of Tel Aviv, Cucina Tamar is renown for its Italian dishes, especially pasta and pizza. You can’t leave without trying the Funghi Prosciutto with mushrooms, mozzarelli and prosciutto crudo or the tagliatelle bandiera, a beetroot pasta servied with ricotta, spinach and asparagus.

5. Tapas Ahad Ha’am

One of Tel Aviv’s more glamorous restaurants, Tapas Ahad Ha’am offers patatas bravas, seafood paella and one-of-a-kind ice cream sundaes created by some of the country’s top chefs. Food is served until the wee hours of the morning but don’t forget to make reservations–you will definitely need them when dining here–even if it’s just for a seat at the bar.