History of Tel Aviv University

Author: Ira Riklis  |  Category: Tel Aviv

The Origins

Tel Aviv’s history began in the early 1900’s. After decades of planning, and developmental changes, Tel Aviv would soon be on its way to becoming the largest economic center in the country. Today Tel Aviv University is one of the biggest achievements and successes in the educational realms in Tel Aviv. The university is a public learning institution, located in Ramat Aviv, and enlists more than 30,000 students, from across the globe.

The university was born in 1956, and comprises of a school of law and economics, an institute of natural sciences, an institute of Jewish studies and three research institutions. These schools combined forms the world-renowned Tel Aviv University. The university was originally in operation by the authority of the municipality of Tel Aviv, but in 1963, it the school would get its autonomy.

Claims To Fame

TAU is perhaps the largest teaching and research center in Israel. The university currently operates 27 schools, 9 facilities, nearly 100 departments and more than 130 research centers and institutions. The campus sits on 170 acres of land, and it maintains academic control over its technological department in Holon, as well as the college of Engineering (Afeka).This department is the newest Academic College of the prominent university.

In 2012, Tel Aviv University would rank 4th in Israel and 56th in the world. This ranking puts the university in competition with the world’s best 90 universities. In 2013 the university received a ranking 196, which makes Tel Aviv the second largest and highest ranking university in Israel.